Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Welcome to Notes On The Spiritual Life

Welcome to Notes On The Spiritual Life. There is a growing group of people according to the Pew Poll on religion which notes the growing percentage of "nones," The "nones" are the people who say they are spiritual but not religious. It is a puzzle what people mean by this and so I have been exploring this idea of the spiritual life and have been keeping notes. And then I wondered why I  keep them to myself, perhaps it would be better to share because I can't get to heaven alone. It teaches in A Course In Miracles that we all have to get to heaven together because we all are part of the one.

A Course In Miracles uses the term Atonement a lot. In fact, it is a key concept of the Course. Atonement, At-one-ment, I define as when everybody loves everybody all the time. This is huge and we have a long way to go. It is with awareness of the goal that we can speed up the time it takes until time is no longer necessary because we all will have arrived.

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Today is 2/24/16 and the we have less than a week left to consider the theme for February which is decision making. I will get some stuff up here on this theme before the end of the month. The theme for next month is salvation so if you have any material for this theme please send it to me at

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