Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Forgive your brothers and sisters and gain peace.

The appreciation of the cosmic consciousness, the mystical body of Christ, the oversoul, the godhead, is based on loving our brothers and sisters no matter what their sins, what their mistakes. This is a very difficult call and challenge. The immature are not ready. They can't experience this appreciation because they sill live in fear for their safety. They still identify with their bodies and not with their souls. Once you realize that you are a spirit living in a body and not a body with a spirit your perspective changes. You have come a long way. You are becoming mature. You are no longer immature.

Rising above the drama and mistakes of our brothers and sisters takes a big person, a person with an awareness that far exceeds the everyday nonsense born of our illusions and projections.

Bob said to me angrily, "This isn't right, man! It's bullshit!"

And I said, "How right you are! What will you do?"

Bob said, "I'm gonna set them straight. I'm gonna get to the bottom of this! I'm gonna show them!"

And I said, "Sounds like a waste of time, effort, and energy to me. They're not going to listen to you."

"Okay, if you know so much, what should I do?"

I said, "It's up to you. However if it were me, I'd rise above it. I've got better things to be doing with my time and energy. You're throwing pearls before swine if you know what I mean. Did you hear the one about the farmer who tried to teach his pig to sing?"

"What about it," said Bob?

"Frustrated the hell out of the farmer and annoyed the hell out of the pig," I said.

"Yeah, well," said Bob.

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