Sunday, April 1, 2018

Help offered should be done so unconditionally

When we wish people well and help them, if we worry about the outcome of our well wishes and efforts we have not really helped them. Our well wishes and help is conditional on the giver's expectations and requirements being fulfilled. What was offered was conditional and not freely and unconditionally given. The question then arises should the well wishes and help be offered again? The answer is "no" not until the giver gets his/her frame of mind in the right place first.

What is the right mind? It is one of Unconditional Love for oneself and others. With Unconditional Love the giver has turned his/her will over to his/her Higher Power who is working through him/her. The giver has decided to become one with the all and sees the recipient as part of oneself and therefore any help extended to another is help extended to oneself. In this right mind, well wishing and help never fail, indeed, cannot fail. Failure is impossible.

When well wishing and help is extended from the right mind, it never has be repeated because it's goal is always achieved.

When you wish people well and extend help, do so unconditionally as a conduit of grace of the Higher Power, the Spirit of Life to further the achievement of the Atonement.

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