Friday, June 1, 2018

Becoming Godliness

Osho says, "Ordinarily you think that time is divided into three divisions: past, present, and future. That is totally wrong. That is not how the awakened ones have seen time. They say time consists only of two divisions: past and future. The present is not part of time at all; the present belongs to the beyond." p. 180, "Ah, This!"

Remember the past are memories and the future is imagination. The present is the eternal Now, what is called in A Course In Miracles, "the Holy Instant."

The Buddhists say, "Be here now," but perhaps it would be better put if it they simply said, "Be Now," or maybe just "Now".

God said in the bible when asked who He is, "I am who I am, " or "I is what is."

When we become aware of the present we experience an Oneness with existence. We become Godliness. We become one with the All in the eternal present where there is no time at all.

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