Sunday, February 26, 2017

Do you sense what is below the surface?

We communicate with our head and our heart and sometimes recognize that what we think and feel does not accurately correspond with what is really going on. It may well be that it is in silence that we best commune with God, the Tao, the Source of our being, the Spirit of Life.

Do you sense what is below the surface? Does your getting in touch with this essence bring you joy and peace? What are your practices that facilitate your experience of this comforting presence?

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Take responsibility for your own happiness

The purpose of life is to re-member the At-one-ment or the Atonement as it is called in A Course In Miracles.

We separated ourselves from the At-one-ment in our birth and have felt guilty ever since. We cope with our guilt by blaming others for our lack of happiness which only unconsciously compounds our guilt. Blaming is not the path to redemption upon which so many of us tread. Rather forgiveness is the path to redemption, first forgiving ourselves for our separating ourselves from God and secondly for blaming others for our unhappiness.

To blame and accuse others is not to understand the cause of our underlying unhappiness. "The inheritance of the Kingdom is the right of God's Son, given in his creation. Do not try to steal it from him, or you will ask for guilt and will experience it." T-14.V.4:1-2

For today, take responsibility for your own unhappiness and not only do not blame them but forgive them for your mistaken blaming.