Saturday, February 27, 2016

"I'll love you if...."or "I love you no matter what?"

It is written in A Course In Miracles, "The ego is certain that love is dangerous, and this is always its central teaching." T-12.IV.1:1-4

The love that the ego considers dangerous is conditional love. I'll love you if.......... The ego knows that when it loves conditionally it is taking a chance. It is making itself vulnerable and it can get cheated, attacked, abandoned, rejected, humiliated, and ignored. In the Course it describes conditional love as "giving to get". We give in order to get something back and when the reciprocity does not occur we feel hurt and either withdraw or attack.

Conditional love is dangerous to our egos, and creates drama which we often experience as hell.

However, there is unconditional love when we love just because we want to love and put no conditions on it. This love is Holy and is an extension of God's love for us. We are just passing it through and this kind of love makes the world go round as the song says and we become one with everyone. There is nothing special in this love because it is all encompassing.

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  1. Another reason that the ego considers love dangerous is that love requires that we surrender our individuality and become one with the all. The ego is terrified of this surrender because it means the death of the ego to gain eternal life. Jesus says that whoever finds his/her life will lose it, but if you will give up your life for me, you will find it," in Matthew 10:39. This sounds confusing and like a paradox until you realize that Jesus to talking about spiritual life and the worldly life of the ego. Jesus is saying that you can't have both. Which do you want: the ego life of the separation or the spiritual life with God, your creator? At some point, when we are aware enough we will choose to give up the bull shit and go home to God.