Monday, June 27, 2016

Be careful of the ego's dichotomous mind

Today, I am reading the second chapter of the Tao Te Ching which says that from the beautiful comes the ugly, from good things come bad, from easy comes difficult, from long comes short, from high comes low, and so we come to understand the dichotomous mind which loves the ying and yang of things.

We are left to wonder what the one thing would be without the other? Could we even understand the one thing without the opposite? And when we understand our dichotomous minds, we slowly begin to intuit the whole, how it might all work together.

Jesus says in A Course In Miracles that His task is not completed until He has lifted every voice with His in appreciation and gratitude for the Whole which is the peace of God given to us through the Spirit. T-13.VII.17:2-3

So today, I intend to set the drama aside, the divisiveness, the enmity, not in rejection and exclusion, but in love and appreciation for without these things I could not understand the peace, the inclusion, the compassion, the beauty and goodness of Life. Today, I will look beneath the veil, read between the lines, reflect on the deeper mysteries which permeate my consciousness, as  I focus my attention, with the help of the Holy Spirit of Life, on the unitive experience of the Tao which engenders great peace.

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