Saturday, December 30, 2017

Are you afraid of Love?

We are afraid of Love.

We, in essence, are made of Love. It is the ground of our being. To recognize this fact, acknowledge it, embrace it means we have to give up our egos. We have to surrender that which we have made to embrace Love and giving up our egos scares us. We defend our small self. We protect it. We protest its surrender.

Rather than be One with Glory we cling to the mundane, to the little arrogant, isolated island we have made in the oceanic universe.

The ultimate question is, "How is that working for you, the defending, the protecting, the isolating, the clinging, the protesting?" Get a gun why don't you and see how that works.

The biggest joy in life is letting go of the ego. Surrender that sucker, the sucker that sucks all the joy, peace, and bliss from your life.

You, my friend, we all our God's children. We share in God's glory. We can enjoy this glory all the more when we crack open and get out of our shells.

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