Thursday, January 4, 2018

Can we get over our tiny selves to gain the whole world?

Systems thinking helps us understand that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. With our Aristotelian logic and reductionist scientific method we gain power over phenomena by reducing the whole to its component parts and at the same time that linear, reductionist thinking enhances our understanding it also leaves not seeing the forest for the trees.

When we talk about the Christ we are talking about the Oneness of humanity. The bumper sticker says, "You are unique like everyone else." We are separate but part of the whole. We are drops in the ocean. It is from the Oneness that we have appeared to manifest the divinity on this earth plane. Most of us, in a daze, think that the earth plane is all there is and is "reality." Some of us have seen behind the veil and know that there is more, another dimension, which we intuitively sense, but can't clearly see.

We sometimes experience revelation. It is written in A Course In Miracles, "Revelation induces complete but temporary suspension of doubt and fear. It reflects the original form of communication between God and His creations, involving the extremely personal sense of creation sometimes sought in physical relationships." T-1.II.1:1-2 This sense of Oneness is sometimes referred to as a mystical experience. In our contemporary times, with more psychological sophistication, we call this experience "flow."

This revelatory experience is possible with our surrendering to the Holy Spirit which links our desire to be special and separate with the truth which is that special and separate is an illusion because we are so much more if only we could get over our tiny self and become aware of the glorious Oneness of which we are a part.

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