Saturday, January 20, 2018

What is a miracle?

It is written in A Course In Miracles that a miracle brings about no change at all. What the miracle is, is a change in perception, a change in awareness, a change in consciousness, an epiphany, the light bulb going on in your mind which sheds light in what was formally darkness, a making of the unconscious conscious. It is written, "A miracle can make no change at all. But it can make what always has been true be recognized by those who know it not; and by this little gift of truth but let it be itself, the Son of God allowed to be himself, and all creation freed to call upon the Name Of God as one." T-26.VII.20:4-5

What this passage is referring to is the illusion of the separation from the Oneness into separate egos and the concomitant drama of attack, guilt, judgement, and punishment. To be very blunt, what ACIM is teaching is that this drama of the separation is all bull shit. This separation never really happened except in our own minds which lead to this creation of hell that brings us so much anguish and suffering.

The miracle is the awareness that this drama of separation is not real and what makes this awareness possible is forgiveness. Forgiveness is correcting our perception that we are victims persecuted by external circumstances over which we have little control. We finally realize that these external circumstances are figments of the imagination, simply illusions as the Course calls them, and that while we can't control the illusions, we can control our response to them and our management of them. The Course recommends that we take the path of the spirit and not the path of the ego. In choosing the path of the spirit we decide to surrender to what we discern as God's will for us, and rise above the bull shit, and join with our brothers in love.

It is in making the choice for forgiveness and joining our will with God's will that than epiphanies occur which we call miracles.

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