Saturday, February 10, 2018

How to get to heaven

We love our bodies don't we? And sometimes we are attracted to and love other bodies don't we? But what we think we love is always changing and this love is ephemeral. This love is unsubstantial because the object we think we love is constantly changing and the objects we want to love, we sometimes come to hate and experience great disappointment in and consequent distress.

We slowly come to the awareness that there is much more to us than bodies and maybe it is that aspect of self and personhood that we are attracted to and love. The body is just a container for the good stuff. It is what is inside the container that we really desire and find delightful or distasteful.

We may come to the point where we realize that deep down in the container there is always something delightful even if it is encrusted in objectionable material that has to be excavated and dug through to get to the brilliant diamond within.

We come to realize that there always the brilliant diamond there but our perception was blocked and distracted by so many other things that we couldn't see it and were not consciously aware of it.

At last we come to realize that there is part of us that is a witness that doesn't change but monitors our own changes and those of others and tunes in to their witnesses too that don't change. When our witness joins with the witnesses of others we fall in real Love with them and realize that we are in heaven.

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