Saturday, March 19, 2016

Salvation is your life moving in accord with the Tao?

Last night I was reading Bhagwan Shree Jajneesh (Osho) about Tao and he says "In fact, people have been thinking for millennia that sins are punished, but I say to you that sins are not punished. Sins are the punishment." 

"Sins carry their punishment themselves." 

"Here you sin and here immediately the punishment starts - you feel ugly and you feel sad and you feel guilty, and a turmoil and a chaos arise inside and you are unhappy and in hell. Hell is not somewhere in the future, nor is heaven. Each act carries its own heaven and hell."

And then Bhagwan says, "Remain balanced and you are in heaven; become unbalanced and hell is created - nobody else is creating it for you."

"Lao Tzu has no God, no personal God, to punish anybody. It is simply Tao. Tao is just a law, a universal law. If you move according to it you are happy, if you move against it you become unhappy. In fact, unhappiness is symptom, just as happiness is a symptom - symptom of how you are moving: according to Tao or against Tao.'

As so, this month of March, 2016, as we consider the theme of salvation, it is interesting that Bhagwan teaches that salvation comes from staying in balance, in sync with the Tao. Are you moving according to Tao or against it? This discernment requires great alertness and awareness. Is your life on the right track or have you drifted or gone astray?

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