Thursday, March 31, 2016

Two choices in life: love and fear

A Course In Miracles teaches that in the last analysis the only thing a person can control is his/her decision making and there are only two choices: love or fear. Fear comes disguised in many forms and faces, but reduced to the most elemental factor under these forms and faces is fear.

And what is the most primitive form of fear? It is the death of our bodily form and the loss of our social identity and status.

The boss asked Steve what he thought he was doing when Steve made a big mistake at work. "I was only doing what you told me," said Steve.

"And you're so stupid that you listened to me?" said the boss. "You're fired!"

"You can't fire me, I quit!" said Steve.

"Don't you dare, quit on me," said the boss, "or then, I'll really fire you!"

"You really like my work, don't you, even with the occasional mistake," said Steve. "You couldn't get along without me."

"You know, Steve," said the boss, "deep down I really appreciate your work and I love you."

"Is this a kum-by-ah moment," asked Steve?

"Yes," said the boss. "It's more than a kum-by-ah moment, it's kind of like a miracle."

"For a moment, there, I was scared," said Steve, "but then things seemed to flip. How does that work?"

"Things are not what they seem," said the boss. "You have to read between the lines if you want to really understand. I made a mistake telling you to do the wrong thing, but then instead of my owning it, I blamed you. My ego got in the way. I realize how much I appreciate you. Can you forgive me for blaming you for my own stupidity?"

"Yes, but first you have to forgive yourself now that you've owned it," said Steve.

"Thank you, Steve," said the boss. "Take the rest of the day off with pay and enjoy yourself."

"Thank you," said Steve. "See you next time."

"I'll see you when I see you, "said the boss.

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