Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Healing is available if we choose

What would make a person want to be a victim? What would make a person want to suffer? There must be something in it for the person or (s)he wouldn't choose it.

Being a victim and suffering brings sympathy and maybe compensation of some sort as witnesses are manipulated to cater to the victim's desires.

The victim and person suffering becomes the center of attention and requires that others pay homage and console. In victimhood and suffering there is a power, hidden, that places the person in a superior position over others.

Playing the victim and being long suffering, for some, can become a way of life and a very powerful way of controlling interpersonal interactions. Would the victim and suffering person be healed, (s)he would give up his/her power and no longer be able to command the special place they so desire in other people's attention.

Victimhood and suffering have a huge place on the path of the ego. They command the media and our attention to the horrors and trauma that are highlighted constantly. Victimhood and suffering demand that they occupy center stage in our lives that we may all live in fear of the awful and the terrible and feel superior that these terrible things happen, and thank goodness they happen to other people and not to me and mine.

A  bumper sticker says "Reality is when it happens to you." It reminds us to be fearful of our fragile hold on safety and well being because it can be snatched away from us in an instant.

With the dawning comes the awareness that there must be a better way. We come to realize that victimhood and suffering on the path of the ego is nonsense and a social construction that we have created. We realize that these creations have blocked our awareness of Love's presence within us and among us, and once again we have been seduced to walk down the path of the ego instead of on the path of the spirit where healing is available if we choose.

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