Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Godliness is becoming one with the all.

Osho says, "There is no God but godliness. It is a quality, a fragrance. You experience it, you don't see it." p.170, "Ah, This!"

Can you smell God? If God is a fragrance, you should be able to smell him/her. It's like pheromones. We love the smell of the ones we love. It is subtle. It is subconscious. Not always conscious, but not unconscious either because it can be easily called to mind.

When the pheromones activate our experience dopamine is released in our brains and we feel better. Godliness is a feeling. It is awkward to say, "Do you feel God?", but it is lovely to say, "Do you feel the Godliness?"

Where, when, how do you feel Godliness? Perhaps in meditation, in forgiveness, in compassion, in beauty, in justice, in freedom, in peace.

Some people find Godliness in nature, in music, in athletic performance. Psychologists call it "flow." Flow is very close to Godliness. When do you experience flow? Flow is that fine balance between exertion and letting go. It is that sweet spot. It is the sweet spot where we become one with the All.

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