Thursday, May 24, 2018

Who am I?"

The basic question we struggle with throughout  our lives is "Who am I?" or perhaps, "What am I?" These are questions of the ego, and the ego suggests plenty of answers and modern day psychology and self help books egg the ego on and add fuel to the fire.

On the path of the spirit we become aware that we are not anybody. We are a part of the whole. Osho says, "Knowledge is beating round the bush: knowing is a direct penetration. But the moment you directly penetrate into existence, you disappear as a separate entity. You are no more. When the knower is no more then the knowing is. And the knowing is not about something - you are the knowing yourself." p.30 "Ah, This!"

A little further Osho says, "Lao Tzu says: 'Tao, once described, is not more the real Tao.' The moment you say something about it you have already falsified it, you have betrayed it. It is such an intimate knowing, incommunicable." p. 31 "Ah, This!"

"When all faces have been rejected and emptiness is left, you have found the original face. Emptiness is the original face. Zero is the ultimate experience. Nothingness - or more accurately no-thingness- is your original face." p. 31 "Ah, This!"

The best answer to the questions, "Who am I?" and "What am I?" is a drop in the ocean. Actually not even a drop. You are the ocean along with everyone else.


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