Monday, April 23, 2018

Dealing with monkey mind

How do you deal with your monkey mind? The monkey mind is all the thoughts that come into and out of your mind all day long.

Some of monkey mind's thoughts are exciting and enjoyable and some are worrisome and distressing. They are all the same, really, and come from the same monkey churning them out like hurdy gurdy man.

Have you noticed that if you indulge monkey mind by dwelling on any particular thought it strengthens? Have you noticed if you just objectively and disinterestedly watch it, it passes by and moves on?

Monkey mind wants to distract you from your inner peace. Monkey mind, liked a spoiled child, or dog, just wants your attention so it can enhance its own ego.

How is your time better spent, attending to monkey mind, are relaxing into inner peace?

It takes some effort to ignore monkey mind and to just move past it on your inward journey.

The best way of dealing with monkey mind is just to watch it but like the sign says at the zoo, "Do not feed the animals."

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